Achimota Golf Club

The Premier Golf Club in Ghana

Discover the epitome of golfing excellence at Achimota Golf Club, proudly known as “The Home of Accra Open.” Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Accra, our prestigious golf club stands as a testament to the timeless pursuit of sporting brilliance, where passion meets precision in every swing.


Who We Are

The Achimota Golf Club is situated in a pleasant wooded countryside, some ten kilometers north of Accra Central, on the grounds of Achimota School. Golf was played on five nine-hole courses in Accra from the early part of the century. While the Achimota course was developed relatively late in the century, it’s the only course that has survived the building development that has changed Accra from a sleepy center of colonial administration to the present bustling commercial metropolis.

What We Serve

At Achimota Golf Club, we serve more than just a game, we serve an experience. From our immaculate greens to our welcoming clubhouse, we offer a haven for golf enthusiasts. Join us for a round and indulge in the tranquility and camaraderie that define our prestigious club.


 The Club shall operate an equal opportunity policy and no-one shall be denied the right to equal access to its facilities.

Achimota Golf Club's Pro Shop

Indulge in a world of refined elegance and relaxation at the Achimota Golf Club’s Club House

Achimota Golf Club's Club House

Step into the world of golfing excellence at the Achimota Golf Club’s Pro Shop.


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