The Council has approved the status of the underlisted personalities as the Club’s Teaching Professionals with immediate effects as per Rule 9.8.2

    • David Ofori

    • David Abaloo

    • Ricky Jordan

    • Emos Korblah

    • Stephen Klah

    • A. K. Quarshie

    • Evan Djamah

    • John Dorman

    • Nick Smallman

    • Robert Degbe

    • Godwin Sai

    • Richard Aziamakpo

    • Vincent Cofie

    • Kodjo Degbe

They are the only professionals permitted to teach at the Driving Range and also play alongside their students on the Course as long as it does not disturb other golfers.

All other golf professionals would have to register with the club.

Requirements for registration

  1. Pay approved registration fee
  2. Apply with supporting certificates