Accra Open Championship
Wednesday 16th – Sunday 20th November 2016

Cancellation of Pre – Tournament Qualifier

The Planning Committee of The Accra Open announces that The Pre-Tournament Qualifier for The 2016 Accra Open has been cancelled. The Main Tournament remains unchanged.

Golfers are however informed that Men with Handicaps 15 and above, Ladies with Handicaps 25 and above, Juniors aged 16 and below and Seniors Aged 55 and above, are invited to play a Group B Tournament on Wednesday 16th November 2016.

Wednesday 16th November, 2016 Group B

Men Handicap 15 and above – 18 Hole Tournament
Ladies Handicap 25 and above – 18 Hole Tournament
Juniors Aged 16 and below – 18 Hole Tournament
Seniors Aged 65 and above – 9 Hole Tournament

1. Eligibility

Eligibility to play The Accra Open shall be based on the following handicap qualification:-
The Competition is open to Amateur players with the undernoted Handicaps:

Group A – 36 holes

Men Ladies

Handicap Allowance – Strictly 14 and below Handicap Allowance – Strictly 24 and below


Professional Golfers shall play a four-day tournament from 17th – 20th November, 2016. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to cut off for the Professionals after 36 holes. The prize purse will be communicated to the Pros at the close of entries.
Entries for the Professional tournament shall on 7th November 2016.

Prizes Main Tournament

Group A Group B

Men Scratch – 7 Prizes
Ladies Scratch – 5 Prizes
Men Handicap – 3 Prizes
Ladies Handicap – 2 Prizes Men Scratch – 3 Prizes
Ladies Scratch – 2 Prizes
Men Handicap – 2 Prizes
Ladies Handicap – 1 Prize

2. Ties

In the event of a TIE for the first place in the Main Event (scratch), a Play-Off would be played.
In the event that is not possible to do so, the tie would be determined on Count Back in the following manner;

a. The best score of the eighteen (18) holes (1-18) of the final round.
b. If still a tie, the best score of the last nine (9) holes (10-18) of the final round.
c. If still a tie, the best score of the last six (6) holes (13-18) of the final round.
d. If still a tie, the best score of the last three (3) holes (16-18) of the final round.

3. Entry Fee

Local Golfers:

Group A – Two Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢200.00)
Group B – Two Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢200.00)
Professionals: Three Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢300.00)
Overseas Entrants: One Hundred US Dollars (US$100)
Entry fee Payable by cash on entry.

All Certified Entries may be e-mailed to the Club Office on

The DRAW shall be posted on the Notice Board of Achimota Golf Club and the official website of the club –

4. Package for Competitors

Gift Bags with souvenirs shall be provided to each player

5. Draws

Play shall be made in groups as determined by the Competition Committee. The draw for 1st day play would be made by the Organizing Committee.
Draw for the last one (1) round would be arranged according to the scores; lowest Gross Score will tee off last.

6. Tournament Conditions

a. Punctuality/Starting Time

A player should report to the starter on the 1st tee, 10 minutes before the allocated starting time.

b. Undue Delay/Slow Play

Players must play without undue delay. Rule 6-7 applies
Penalty: First Offence One stroke
Second Offence Two Strokes
Third Offence Disqualification

If the Competition Committee decides that the course is unplayable for any justifiable reason, the competition will be determined on as many completed rounds of nine (9) Holes as possible.

7. Practice “During Round”

Practice on or near the putting green of the last hole played and the rolling a ball on the putting green of the last hole played is PROHIBITTED. PENALTY OF BREACH OF CONDITION is two (2) strokes on the next hole. In case of a breach at the last hole of the stipulated round, the player incurs a penalty on that hole.

a. Caddies

Caddies will be allowed

b. Cut

The Competition Secretariat, in consultation with the rules committee, reserves the right to CUT the field o n the first or Final Day.