The Achimota Ladies Section comprises over thirty-five members of which about twenty are active.

Ms. Christine Furler
Lady Captain

Ms. Aku Yabah

Mrs. Vastie Amoafo-Yeboah

Our monthly medal is traditionally played on the second Thursday of the month, but we plan to introduce an additional competition on a day suitable for our working ladies who cannot join in during the week and in consonance with the Club’s calendar. With the cooperation of the current dynamic Executive Committee, the Ladies Section has been able to organize two very successful competitions. I am proud to say that we have so far recorded good participation and enthusiasm on the part of the ladies, some of whom have lent their staunch support by way of sponsorship. We look forward to many more interesting ladies’ events in collaboration with sponsors who have already made their intentions known.

My gratitude goes to the ladies for the confidence they have reposed in me as well as the Council for their support. It is my fervent wish during my tenure to empower the Ladies Section and generate interest that would lead to the growth and expansion of our membership base.

Thank you and happy golfing.

Christian Furler
Lady Captain

1963 -1964Mrs. V. Bailey
1965Mrs. M Kerr
1966Mrs. L Clark
1967MS. A. Graswinckle
1968Mrs. P. Pert
1969Mrs. D. Miller
1970Mrs. M. Williams
1971Mrs. M. Coxon
1972Mrs. L. Omaboe
1973Mrs. J. Gautier
1974Mrs. R. Philips
1975Ms. J. Tsiboe
1976Mrs. J. Smith
1977Mrs. E. Eastwood
1978 - 79Mrs. A. Tribbeck
1980Mrs. E. Grueter
1981Mrs. A. Coleman-Paitoo
1982Mrs. E. Price
1983Mrs. M. Coxon
1984Mrs. R. Dzubey
1985Mrs. M. Quince
1986Mrs. E. Ezan
1987Mrs. R. Ayivor
1988 - 89Mrs. L. Omaboe
1990Ms. G. Quartey
1991Mama Zinyo II
1992Ms. S. Abaloo
1993Mrs. S. Norrs
1994Mrs. E. Amoah
1995Mrs. J. Tamakloe
1996Ms. G. Quartey
1997Mrs. M. Amu
1998Madam V. Apomasu
1999Mrs. F. Vandyck
2000Mrs. S. Agyeman
2001Mrs. E. Quartey
2002Mrs. E. Amedzro
2003Mrs. M. Captan
2004Mrs. Y. K. Safo-Debrah
2005Mrs. Comfort Amuzu
2006Mrs. C. Price
2007Mrs. M. Hanson
2008Mrs. E. Cobbina
2009Mrs. B. Sowah Allotey
2010Mrs. Nana Bema Tackie
2011Mrs. D. Baiden
2012 - 13Mrs. L. Amponsah Mensah
2014 - 15Mrs.
2016 - 18Ms. Peace Akwei
2019Christine Furler